Sunday, May 8, 2022

Stash Swap 2022 - What I Gave, What I Got #stashswap2022


While I've seen costumers participate in stash swaps I've never taken part.  And for only one reason, I don't keep a lot of fabric stash.  Not because I don't want to, but only because I don't live near any incredible fabric outlets or districts.  In fact, most everything I find is online shopping or in online costumers destash groups.  But I did have one very special fabric I had purchased in May 2007.   It was part of a collection of three fabrics and I had a particular project in mind when I purchased it.

But that event and project didn't happen.   In November 2015 I used two of the fabrics for a different project inspired by a Harper's Bazar fashionplate from the Victorian Natural Form Era.

I kept the remaining fabric on the roll and protected it these past fifteen years.  So when Annabelle of Horizen Cosplay announced a Stash Swap I was thrilled and filled out the form choosing the Send AND Receive option.

To save shipping costs for all costumer's participating in the #stashswap2022, Annabelle matched swappers by proximity.  I felt so fortunate to be paired with Megan of ClusterFrock.  I watched her videos and just knew that she could turn my beautiful fabric into an extraordinary creation.

I removed the seven yards of embroidered silk from the roll and said my final good-byes.

I gathered some coordinating trims...

... and a special cameo pin that I had been saving for the project.

I also had several yards of the pre-gathered chocolate brown fabric and tied everything in ribbons ready for packing.

I wrote Megan a note telling her how excited I was to have her for my #stashswap2022 partner and that I was looking forward to seeing her creation.

Everything protected in plastic and ready to mail by the due date of February 28th.

I hope you enjoy this box of goodies, Megan!!

A Bonus Stash Swap Partner!

There was an uneven number of participants in the United States and the remaining participant did not want to swap.  She wanted to Send Only and with a roll of the dice I was to be the lucky recipient of a stash package from Noelle of Costuming Drama.  What wonderful luck!!

I had watched one of Noelle's recent videos and knew she had an amazing fabric collection.  I had also recently come across one of her Instagram posts where she was taking a fan-making class from Lynn McMasters from Out of a Portrait.  Lynn and I had worked together in 2019 when I received permission from her and also purchased supplies from her for a class I was teaching on the east coast.  It happened that one of the weekend attendees dropped out at the last minute and I had one extra kit of black and natural fan sticks with the black and white leaf for an Edwardian fan.  As it was a Victorian Valentine 
Weekend, for lovers of all things Victorian, I asked Lynn to fit the fansticks with ruby rondelles with special hardware.  Noelle did not want to receive anything in the swap but against her wishes I packed up the leaf and fansticks and shipped them to her.  Enjoy, Noelle!!

And without a minute to spare I shipped the packages to Megan and Noelle on the due date.

My Stash Surprise From Noelle

While I was shipping at the last minute, Noelle must have been ahead of schedule and that very same week my stash surprise arrived from Noelle.  Luckily I have the most incredible mail carrier who left the package at the gate wrapped in a sturdy plastic bag as showers were in the forecast.

On top of everything in the box is the cutest note which says:  "Jeanette!  I hope that you find at least some of this fabric useful and to your liking!  If not, please pass it on to others who might find it so - there are no guilty keeps in stash swap!  I can't wait to see what you make!  Love From, Noelle"  How sweet is that?!

The first fabric in the box is a glorious white cotton.  The attached note says:  "Sheet!  Maybe good for mockups?  Petticoats?  It's not my sheet and I have no idea where it came from, but I know it has been washed!  Enjoy!  Also, sorry about any cat hair!"  Cat hair?  We also swapped furry babies fur, I'm sure!

The next item is a kit of wonderful bits tied in black linen and ribbon.  A blackwork cushion, vintage needles, beeswax, and a book called A Gallery of Fashion.  A fabulous collection of treasures!

The next fabric is a heavy and densely woven gold and olive with the attached note:  "I originally bought this to make corset or corset mockups out of, but I have a LOT of green striped fabric for that!  I can't wait to see what you make out of it!"  Corsets and corset mockups coming right up!!

I'm amazed at how much fabric is in this box as I get to the next level which is a glorious silk taffeta.  The note says:  "Random silk I bought as part of a lot from someone else a very long time ago!  Tag says 3-3/4 yards!"  So much rustle and beautiful feel!!

I have a feeling Noelle was smiling when she packed this box as she had the most incredible surprise fabric next.  A blue stripe (stripes must be a favorite of Noelle's?) silk taffeta.  The note:  "This is supposedly 12 yards of fabric from Fancy Styles Fabric - silk taffeta.  The experience of dealing with them has made this cursed for me - I hope it does better for you!"  Oh oh!  I know how that goes.  Trying to enjoy the project after a difficult purchase can take away all the joy of creating.  So without the history I'm free to enjoy the glorious colors in this lovely silk taffeta!

As if I weren't already overwhelmed by Noelle's generosity and the beautiful fabrics, at the bottom of the box is a bag of two dozen black velvet buttons.  The note:  "Can't have too many buttons!  Unless you are me and you have way too many, given your aversion to using them!"  Hahahahaha!!  I can always use black velvet buttons!

Noelle!!  Thank you so much!!  I'm excited to get started using these beautiful fabrics and treasures!!  I have so many projects this year and already have ideas forming!  But you, and everyone else, will have to wait for the next blog post and video to see what happens.  


Companion YouTube Video with actual unboxing:


  1. What a deligthful idea! Megan is a treasured member of our local costuming guild and I will look forward to seeing what she creates. I so wish I had known about this swap. I have some lovely silks that have been sitting in my closet for a few years now that would have been perfect. I seem to never learn about these swaps until its too late. Perhaps it will happen again next year. Although I didn't see an announcement on Annabelle's YT or IG. Perhaps there is a secret society I need to uncover. :) I'm off to go view your video. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Sadly, Megan had to take care of other things and we agreed to take this off her plate. Maybe she would like to swap with you when she has time!! If I had any more fabric I would swap with you in a moment!!