Sunday, October 31, 2021

A Whimsical Tea Witch - Create and Reveal


First there was a plan.

Then there was an apron.

Links to both The Plan and The Apron are included here:

And now to have some fun creating the Whimsical Tea Witch skirt, waist, and hat and, of course, drink some tea!

The Skirt

The Silk and Thimbles pattern has been downloaded, printed, cut and taped, and the pattern pieces cut.  There are several options for draped or free falling and I choose the draped.  It has such interest with those winged extensions falling just below the yoke.  While my fabric is a faux taffeta and is rather crisp, the skirt still falls beautifully over Edwardian underthings.

The main skirt pattern takes quite a bit of cutting room and so the floor is the only place I have to cut.  But Tasha Puppy thinks that if I'm on floor it must be playtime!

Back to the skirt...

The Waist

Like the skirt, there are several options for the design for both collar and sleeves.  I chose the gathered sleeve from a dropped shoulder where I could add a touch of purple.  I had enough of the yellow fabric to create a yellow peplum rather than my original plan of purple.  The yellow fabric is slightly sheer.  There is a lining for the front and back but then what was I to do about the seams?  French seams?  Finished seam edges?  I hadn't time for all of that and so I got very creative.  I finished the entire garment with a scalloped pinking shears.  I loved it!  I even cut the skirt hem, the peplum, the cuffs and the collar with the pinking shears.  What a timesaver and cute design!

I pin my pieces to the dressform and happy with my plan, I sew it all together.

Finished Skirt and Waist

The Hat

Using a pattern from Out of a Portrait patterns by Lynn McMasters I followed the brim design and the lower edge of the crown side to obtain the nice curve to the brim.  The buckram brim is wired on the outside edge.  The crown is extended to a peak and wired on the lower edge.  The brim is covered with the purple on the upper and two layers of yellow on the lower and stitched to the exterior edge through an upper layer and lower layer of crochet lace.  Then the edge of all fabric layers are pinked. The entire brim is covered with the purple fabric with a flag of yellow pinked on the edge.  The purple layer is also pinked at the seam.

The crown and brim are sewn together and now it's time to embellish!  I had a Beauty and the Beast
tea set which are light enough to attach to the hat.  I add gold to the teapot back and lid following the embossed lines.  I sew some more crochet lace to a scrap of white sateen to create a napkin.  Using hot glue I layer sugar cubes into the sugar bowl and attach everything to the hat including a sprinkling of sugar cubes.  Some purple wired ribbon for interest and the Whimsical Tea Witch has a hat!

The Broom

Lavender has such an incredible scent and calming properties so that having dried lavender in the house is always a joy.  I found four bunches of fresh lavender and simply tied them around an old rake handle from the barn and added a touch of gold paint and purple ribbon to the top.

The Perfect Touches

The Whimsical Tea Witch will wear a tiny porcelain teapot around her neck with a teacup and saucer matching earrings.  Black lace fingerless gloves, and American Duchess Colette boots with black lace stockings.  And, of course, the helper that made this all possible - a Magic Wand!

Time for Tea!

Companion YouTube Video: 

Historical Sew Monthly - May 2021

Purple - Make an item in any shade of purple.

What the item is:  Skirt and waist.
How it fits the challenge:  Skirt and waist accents of purple fabric.
Material:  Faux Taffeta
Pattern:  Silk and Thimbles Josephine Skirt and Elvira Waist
Year:  1910s
Notions:  Thread and skirt closure.
How historically accurate is it?  This was a mockup for an outfit to be made in 2022 and all seams are sewn to the outside and finished with a scalloped pinking shears.  The skirt has beautiful detail of back pleating and side burnouse pleats true to the era.  The waist has an attached peplum very in fashion of the era.  
Hours to complete:  17 hours
First worn:  October 2021
Total cost:  $32 using faux fabric