Sunday, June 26, 2016

Historical Sew Monthly Challenge #5 - Holes

May – Holes – sometimes the spaces between stuff are what makes a garment special.  Make a garment that is about holes, whether it is lace, slashing, eyelets, etc.

Costume College 2015 was extraordinary!  It was my second time attending and my first time teaching which was incredibly fun.  I met the most wonderful people and learned so many new techniques.  One of my favorite instructors was Kristin Stonham.

Although we didn't know each other before Costume College, we apparently had some learning interests in common as Kristin took my Ribbon Flower class (see the gorgeous rose and leaf she created?), and I took both her Beaded Reticule and Beginning Embroidery classes.

Kristin provided us with a completely sewn reticule in our choice of colors with complimentary seed beads, pearls, beading thread, beading needles, and instructions.  By the end of our session with Kristin I had completed my first row of closely netted border and was convinced I was the slowest beader in the world.

Fast forward to the Historical Sew Monthly Challenge #5 - Holes.  Since I travel for work and often don't have the room or time for sewing, my beaded reticule quietly sitting in last year's unfinished project pile became the perfect answer.  The holes of the closely netted border and the larger holes of the loosely netted fringe and the zillion holes in the seed beads and pearls all work to create a gorgeous trim for the velveteen reticule.

Kristen has used these techniques for a beaded reticule and a velvet scarf fringe and they are both incredibly lovely!

On the bedside table in my suite at work I lay out the materials and vow to finish my reticule.  I add the second row of closely netted border....

...and then begin the loosely netted fringe.


The fringe is looking beautiful!  I'm still the world's slowest beader and as my work assignment is finished I have now moved my project to my game table in my living room.

The technique to work the dangle...
I've discovered this to be my favorite tool and space for beading - a magnifier next to a sunny window.
Binding the first and last row....

Finished and fabulous!  I love the dangle, the sparkle, and the way the velveteen looks through the holes of the fringe. 

I will wear this with a 1920s dress with other pearl accessories.

Historical Sew Monthly

The Challenge:  #5 - Holes
Material:  Velveteen and satin
Pattern:  Closely Netted Border and Loosely Netted Fringe
Year:  Although suitable for a number of eras, I will use this for a 1920s impression
Notions:  Drawing cord, seed beads, pearls, beading thread, beading needle
How historically accurate is it?  The beaded reticule was very popular during this period.
Hours to complete:  22 hours
First Worn:  Art Deco Festival on the Queen Mary, Long Beach CA, August 2016
Total Cost:  $25

Thank you for your wonderful teaching, Kristin!