Tuesday, July 14, 2015


You know that I share everything I sew!!  Where I've been very neglect is in sharing photos when I wear the things I sew.  I haven't posted photos from Steampunk unLimited last fall, the SASS Convention, the Victorian Dance Cruise, or even a nice write-up of Party Like A Vanderbilt at Biltmore Estate this past April. 

Promise, promise, promise I will catch up in August!  Why, August?  Because it's after Costume College and everything I've been sewing is a secret.  For once I'm going to surprise everyone!  I'm teaching 2 Ribbon Flowers classes at Costume College and got an email that both are full!  Yay! I've just finished the handouts and kits for the classes and while I get butterflies thinking about teaching, I'm so excited to share this fun craft with other costumers!

Life has been hectic for the past 3 months as I've been asked to come out of retirement and when I'm on assignment it means days or weeks away from home.  Then an amazing opportunity presented itself and I've just finished a move back to the home I sold 10 years ago.  So as I sit in my new (and extremely disorganized) sewing space and prepare for another 9 day assignment out of town, I feel content and blessed that while my blog posts are way behind, my life is right on schedule.

And the great news is that I've just signed contracts for another Party Like A Vanderbilt costume weekend at Biltmore Estate in April 2016!  All the details in September!!!

My new/old house:

The sewing space before I hauled the mess up to the loft:

Love always,