Saturday, October 25, 2014

Costume College 2014 - The Costumers!

This is the last post about Costume College 2014, but it is the most important one.  It is all about the reason I wanted to attend Costume College at least once - the people!  The people who share this wonderful hobby and passion for historical, fantasy, and fun "grown-up dress-up" and who have shared their passion and knowledge with each other.   Some are people I have known online for years and now have finally gotten a chance to meet, hug, and share a smile.  These are my photos of those wonderful people through the days of Costume College.  If you see your photo here, please feel free to snag it for yourself, and know that I'm so glad we met!  Thank you for letting me take your picture and I hope we get a chance to meet again!






A very extraordinary experience of meeting new friends, sharing our creations, and collecting ribbons!

Never forget the shoe shot!

Love always,