Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well done is better than well said.
                                              Benjamin Franklin

Like millions of others I have a facebook account where I stay in touch with friends and family.  One day I read a friend's facebook post where she was concerned that she hadn't posted to her blog in days because she was busy painting.  The next nine posts were from her friends who were saying that they hadn't posted to their blogs in days as well.  I wondered if so many people were busy doing and blogging about their doings, who was reading the blogs?  Then I wondered if I should keep writing this little blog and was there anyone to read it?

The past six months have been filled with wonderful happenings!  In October I launched The Perfect Touch website with a beautiful Victorian Tea.  I've entered several international costume competitions with creations that have stretched both my imagination and my sewing and millinery skills.  There have been fun trips and conventions with friends who share our costuming passion.  And I do want to put those happenings down here as a place to relive the beautiful journey.  I hope you are all busy with your own beautiful journey and if you are reading this and sharing my life as I write, thank you!

With love,