Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Steampunk unLimited 2014 - Strasburg Rail Road

If you love historical costume and you also love being creative and putting your own spin on your costumes, then Steampunk is a perfect outlet for your passions!  Described as Victorian Science Fiction, Steampunk costume and character creation knows no bounds! And the Steampunk unLimited event at the Strasburg Rail Road in Lancaster PA is an absolutely incredible event to enjoy sharing those creations in a perfect venue!

The Strasburg Rail Road is a wonderful destination even without the costumes as it has refurbished steam locomotives and cars which travel over Amish countryside.  This year Steampunk unlimited will again be offered October 16-18 and I highly recommend the venue, hotels, and most especially the amazing Steampunk event!


I learned of the 2014 event from my friend Sharon Guli who was going to be Dance Mistress for the Victorian Ball at the event.  My friend, Randi, and I decided to combine this event with the Downton Abbey Costume Exhibit at Winterthur.  This was my chance to wear some costumes both new and old with new accessories.  A fun time full steam ahead!

Could the venue be any more perfect?

All aboard for the first ride on the steam-powered train and a Victorian dinner!

Too much fun to be too serious!
Million dollar refurbished cars rolling through the countryside.


The first evening's Victorian Ball.

Randi and Mike being ultra serious at the Victorian Ball.
Sharon, Mike, me, Randi in costume for the Downton Abbey Costume Exhibit at Winterthur Museum.
Randi with steamy escort - Day 2.

Jeanette - Day 2

Ready for any tea dueling that might present itself.

Sharon and Jeanette at the crosswalk.
The sound, smells, and smoke that is pure Steampunk!

The steam locomotives come in all sizes.  This is the Pufferbelly.
Music, music, and more music!
Entertainment of all kinds!

Our hotel - perfect for A Steampunk weekend - the Fulton Steamboat Inn.

The Inn interior, dining room, and rooms have beautiful Victorian furnishings.

Randi - Day 3 - The Madame

Jeanette - Day 3 - Steamstress Model No. 1
Steamstress Model No. 1 is half human, half robot.  A biobot.  She is a sewing machine with a few flaws.
The buckram tophat I made is topped with the antique bobbin mechanism from the discarded sewing machine parts I won at auction.  Because of the heat I left the hat at the hotel and wore the netting alone.  Much cooler!

The corselet uses discarded parts from a Singer sewing machine.  The tailor's gauntlet was created by a master on etsy.

The flywheel from the antique sewing machine creates the bustle.
Steamstress Model No. 1 (serious pose)
Steamstress Model No. 1 and Madame Randi (not so serious pose)

We meet other robots!

Everyone loves Steampunk!

Abney Park table in the vendor's tent.

Hundreds of creative people!

Mike Zortman, amazing photographer, with Abney Park.

Randi and me with Abney Park.  Yes!!!

Wishing you fun and steamy costume events!


  1. Lovely pictures,thanks for sharing.I will a vendor at this event,it's my first time hope you stop by and say hello.

    1. Hi Rose Moore! Thank you for enjoying this post! In October 2015 the Somewhere In Time event in Michigan and Steampunk unlimited in Pennsylvania are occurring at the same time. Ack!! So it was a bit of a blessing when my husband's daughter scheduled her wedding for the same weekend and the decision was made that I would attend neither costume event. But it will be wonderful and I wish you best of success at the event!!