Thursday, August 7, 2014

1910s Suit-A-Long - The Blouse

With the corset, undies, and hat complete, it's time to make the blouse.  I love the look of the blouse in the Wearing History Suit-a-Long logo and Wearing History has the perfect pattern.
The pattern has options to fit Edwardian as well as 1910s.  Options include choice of neckline, collar, and lining if you want a delicate lace blouse.  I found a gorgeous lace in the perfect ivory color, but since it was a crafter's lace it required 3 washings with fabric softener before it was as soft as I wanted.  For the lining I used the same lightweight linen that I used for the undies and will be using for the suit jacket.
With all pattern pieces cut I pinned them to the dressform over the corset and undies.  Here is where I realized the lining would have to be altered to cover my camisole.  I cut the pieces from pattern saver that should be removed from the blouse front and back pattern pieces to make the lining and then scaled them down until they were the right size.

Then I laid those new patterns on the linen already cut and removed what I needed to create the lining neckline.
With the correct lining neckline the camisole will be properly covered.

To reinforce the collar I used a fine net.
Because the linen is so fine and the lace so sheer, I used a lace tape to finish the inside edges of the lining.  Here is the lining on the dressform inside out.
Following the great instructions, I finished the seams, collar, lining attachment, and then added the waist tape to keep the bloused effect above the skirt waist.
Here is the finished blouse with a flea market find pin and some lace at the neckline which I think will make a nice pop of color with the blue/green plaid skirt and the feather and flower colors on the hat.
The pin is pretty with these mini mosaic earrings.  Don't you love when that happens?

For closure I added pearl buttons with some hooks and eyes in between 4 sets of buttons in the center because the smooth buttons and lace tended to open when pulled.
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Thank you for reading!  Next, the suit!
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  1. Perfection! From start to finish, your workmanship shines through! Oh, and the jewelry, yes it looks wonderful together!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, D' Nalof! I love the jewelry!