Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 - The First Six Months and the Second Six Months

The Historical Sew Fortnightly has been a perfect way to plan sewing projects for 2014.  In between the HSF Challenges I took a wonderful online corset class and participated in the Sew for Victory sew-a-long.  This is a collection of photos from projects for the first six months of 2014:

The next six months have some amazing HSF Challenges:
1.  Under $10 - I have 2 possibilities for this Challenge:  a pair of gloves for the Manet painting recreation, or a corset bag.
2.  Paisley and Plaid - With some of the plaid silk taffeta left from the Fairytale Challenge, I'm planning an 1890s skirt, blouse with plaid oversleeves, and a paisley brocade corselet.  This costume might travel to Costume College with me (if there is room in the suitcase).
3.  The Great Outdoors - A 1940s beach pyjamas.
4.  Terminology - Another chance to add to the Manet painting recreation by making a calico 1880s day dress.
5.  Yellow - The finish to the Manet painting with a sunrise color parasol.
6.  Poetry in Motion - The Bumboat Woman poem inspires a nautical costume.
7.  HSF Inspiration - 1920s brassiere and bloomers inspired by another HSF participant.
8.  Alternative Universe - A Steampunk gown with fabulous wings.
9.  Re-Do - Another corset with awesome flossing.
10.  Choice - This is currently being voted on by HSF participants.
11.  Modern History - A Regency-inspired cap.
12.  All That Glitters - The ballgown for the Victorian Dance Cruise Diamond Ball.
Three other items in the plan are the 1910s Suit-A-Long suit which is now on the cutting table and will be taken to Costume College, a 1950s dress for another sew-a-long, and a 1920s dress for the Downton Abbey Costume Exhibit visit in September.
I've learned so much this year and have had a wonderful time creating.  Looking forward to the second half!
Love always,

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