Saturday, June 9, 2018

Costume College 2017 - The 60s

Costume College 2018 Dressing the Royals is just six short weekends away!  Now the mad dash starts for attendees to shift from the dreams and research to needle and thread.  A deadline can spark unlimited creativity and Costume College is all about creativity.

It was very minute last year when my dear friend Judith asked me if I would like to attend and share a room with her.  I had been working full time again but it had been announced that my department was being eliminated by year end.  Costume College seemed like a perfect excuse for a much needed break.

Break??!!  What was I thinking??!!  Now I had just weeks to put together costumes!!  In the end it was crazily fun both researching and reliving the 1960s era of my teenage years.

Thursday Night Pool Party - The Happiest Pool Party on Earth!

I was taking a full day class on Thursday and needed something quick and comfortable for that evening.  Black slacks, patent leather shoes, a vintage Mary Quant blouse, and a Disney Mickey Mouse fascinator. 

Friday Night - Casino Royale - Our Favorite Spies
While the classes at Costume College are incredible and the events amazing, what I most enjoy are the people.  It is so much fun to be part of a group and costume together!  On Friday evening I was part of the Ladies of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.


Saturday Night Time Traveler's Gals - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Everything sparkles at Tiffany's!  This was the perfect time for me to wear a very long project - years!! - that was a labor of love for my friend Kate and me.  Kate created the base satin gown and it was stored for years along with the gorgeous fan sticks purchased from a craftsman in Ireland.  Enlarging and following the design from the Harper's Bazar fashionplate, I beaded the bodice with Swarovski crystals and added the black fox fur.  I stained the fansticks and created the oversize fan which completed the inspiration.

 My only photo from that evening which doesn't really show that glorious train but what a joy to finally wear this gown!

Sunday Breakfast - Get Up and Go-Go
It just wouldn't honor the fashion of the 1960s without a little British Mod.  I made a sweet vinyl hat that just magically stayed on my head and paired it with a tunic and slacks of cotton and an Op Art print insert. With Judith in her amazing Betsey Johnson creation from a vintage pattern!

Sunday Afternoon - Tea at the End of the Universe
The return of The Steamstress Model No. 1.  Created with abandoned parts from an old Singer sewing machine.  She's a biobot - half human, half sewing machine.  Just how I feel just before Costume College!


Miscellaneous - Just for Fun!
It wouldn't be the 1960s for me without a Troll Doll.  Since it has been around since 1959 and had a movie released in 2016, I imagine most people know about the plastic doll with furry combed up hair.  Also named a Dam doll after the creator Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam.  It was considered by my classmates to be very good luck!  The Troll Wizard is my favorite.  So I recreated him complete with jumbo feet. 

It also wouldn't be the 1960s without a nod to that little music festival of 1969 - Woodstock.

Peace and Love,

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