Thursday, May 3, 2018

Historical Sew Fortnightly - August 2016 - Pattern

I know, I know, aren't I behind??!!  It's May 2018 and I'm just now getting this post written.  I've promised myself I will catch up.  I promise!

So here it is - Historical Sew Fortnightly - August 2016 - Pattern

Pattern - make something in pattern, the bolder and wilder the better.
                                               The Dreamstress it is - bolder and wilder!

This craziness started with the discovery of a pattern maker on etsy;  contrapuntpatterns.  Nuria creates patterns for some extraordinary designs from the 1920s through the 1950s.  I was going to attend the Art Deco Festival on The Queen Mary in California and wanted to wear 1920s styles.  This pattern is called "Elegant 1920s Style With Square Neck Line".  It requires an underdress skirt pattern that is also used for other patterns and with that purchase I had my wardrobe for the event.
The patterns come in small, medium, or large size ranges, or for an additional charge you can have the pattern drafted to your specific measurements.  The pattern pieces are marked with specific instructions but there are no other directions.
My fabrics are a linen blend for the base skirt and overdress, a silk panel for the accents, and an embroidered linen for the lower skirt with some simple button accents.
The skirt base and overdress are simple to construct.

I pin the accent fabrics to decide on the effect and then stitch everything in place.
My boldly colored and patterned 1920s ensemble.

Of course there had to be a hat.  I've again used my 1920s collection of patterns by eVINTAGEpatterns on etsy for Lady Edith's Bow Cloche.  A simple pattern and perfect for this collection of fabrics and colors.

A tea party with friends on The Queen Mary, August 2016.  So much fun!  Such wonderful friends!
Historical Sew Fortnightly
The Challenge:  Pattern - August 2016
Material:  Linen blend, silk, embroidered linen
Pattern:  contrapuntpatterns on etsy
Year:  1920s
Notions:  Buttons, satin ribbon
How historically accurate is it?  Accurate as pattern designed from vintage sketches.
Hours to complete:  14 hours
First Worn:  Art Deco Festival August 2016
Total Cost:  $145

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