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Historical Sew Monthly Challenge #7 - Accessorize

July – Accessorize: The final touch of the right accessory creates the perfect period look.  Bring an outfit together by creating an accessory to go with your historical wardrobe.
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Historical Sew Monthly
If you have read my post for the Historical Sew Monthly Challenge #6 you already know that I'm going to share with you two items I made to accessorize my Regency costume.
The first was a beautiful piece of dove gray chiffon that was the perfect size to accessorize my riding hat.  This was time for me to learn how to sew a rolled hem as I had perhaps 60 miles of hem to sew.  Yes, that's slightly exaggerated, but that is certainly how it looked to me!  Several videos and some online tutorials helped me learn a nice technique that I will share with you here.
1.  Begin by folding a narrow hem.  I used approximately 1/4".  Take a long stitch into and then out of the fold.  This stitch is approximately 3/8".  Finish the stitch and the thread will be hidden in the fold.

2.  Move the point of the needle down directly from where it came out of the upper stitch and take a very tiny stitch just below the fabric that you folded over.  This stitch will show when you create your rolled hem so make it very small.  Look closely at these photos and you will see the thread coming down from the top stitch to the bottom stitch.
3.  Continue by taking the needle straight back up to the top of the fold and make another long stitch inside the fold.  Then come back down and take a tiny stitch into the fabric just beneath the folded fabric.  Do this for 8 stitches.  It will look like this:

4.  After you have created the pattern 8 times pull your thread and stroke the fabric to make a smooth rolled hem.  The stitches going from top to bottom will pull nicely and roll the fold down to the lower stitching.  It's really a beautiful finished hem!

This was a nice project to take with me during work assignments and here is my finished scarf on the Regency riding hat.  I love the look of the rolled hem!

Now that I have a new skill I can use it to make another accessory - a Regency chemisette.  Since I didn't have time to hand sew my Regency bodiced petticoat and gown, I can be more historically accurate with my chemisette since it is a much smaller project.

The pattern is included in the La Mode Bagatelle Regency wardrobe pattern collection.  I sew the French seams entirely by hand, and use my newly learned rolled hem technique to finish the sides of the chemisette.  Some lace, a few buttons, some grosgrain ribbon to secure the chemisette when worn, and now I can add some modesty to my daytime Regency gown.

The accessories are finished for my first Regency costume.

Historical Sew Fortnightly

What It Is:  Scarf and Chemisette
The Challenge:  Accessorize
Fabric:  Chiffon and muslin
Pattern:  La Mode Bagatelle Regency Wardrobe
Year:  1810s
Notions:  Thread, buttons, lace, grosgrain ribbon
How historically accurate is it?  Completely hand sewn.
Hours to complete?  Scarf - 8 hours    Chemisette - 2 hours
First Worn:  Costume College 2015
Total Cost:  All items were scrap from other projects.


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