Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Historical Sew Fortnightly Monthly #1 - Foundations - 1920s Draped Slip

The slip!  The last foundation garment needed for a 1920s dress.  It's taken a while but the brassiere and bloomers are finished:

the corset is finished:

and now the slip is finished!

The pattern is from Mrs Depew Vintage on etsy and is only a page of instructions with some additional period sewing information.  That means no paper pattern which is completely new for me.  And scary!  I've adjusted patterns and adjusted garments for a better fit, but sewing a garment with only written instructions...  !!!!!!!
The slip is made from two lengths of fabric where a "length" is the length you want your slip to be from upper chest to hem plus hem allowances.  First the back of the slip is draped and pinned over the undergarments I've already made.
Then the front of the slip is draped according to the directions and pinned in place.  The straps are made and pinned.  The great part about this slip design is that the two panels are only attached to each other from the underarm and then to slightly below the hips.  They overlap from the hip down to the hem which means that there is room for walking and dancing while still maintaining the columnar silhouette for the 1920s dresses.  Brilliant design!

Making sure that all pins have been readjusted to keep the slip pieces in place but not attached to the other undergarments, the pinned slip is removed from the dressform and everything sewn according to the directions.

I was very inspired by a blog post from The Dreamstress about 1920s monogrammed unders.

Now is the time for me to learn how to use the embroidery machine I won on ebay a while back but have never used.  With instructions to everyone to stay out of the sewing room, I set up the machine, and sew my very first machine embroidery!  I'm thrilled!
Of course this isn't period correct for my 1920s slip, and I probably could have easily hand embroidered my monogram in half the time it took me to learn the machine, but I'm pleased to have taken this step and look forward to some beautiful embroidered items in the future.

Here is my finished 1920s monogrammed slip!

The perfect touch!

Historical Sew Fortnightly

What It Is:  1920s Draped Slip
The Challenge:  #1 Foundations
Fabric:  Lingerie tricot
Pattern:  Mrs Depew 3032
Year:  1920s
Notions:  Linen for monogram, embroidery thread
How historically accurate is it?  The pattern is from vintage directions, the monogram is inspired from garments of the period, but the fabric and machine embroidery are modern.
Hours to complete?  5 hours (not including the day to learn how to use the embroidery machine)
First Worn:  1920s Reception during Party Like A Vanderbilt weekend at Biltmore Estate April 2015
Total Cost:  $7

Love always,


  1. What a most wonderful slip! I love the embroidered "J" and rose! Yay!!

    1. Thank you, Gina! Excited about the new embroidery knowledge!!

  2. So beautifully done, you must be so proud!