Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Venturing Into A New Era! HSF Challenge #8 and Sew for Victory

The key to change is to let go of fear.
                                Rosanne Cash
If you are a costumer you must be an extrovert!  Putting yourself out there on display, being different, dressing historically and being judged.  No fear, right?  Wrong!  Because I enjoy creating does not mean that I'm so confident in my abilities and presentation that I don't get nervous, even paralyzed, when it comes to something new.  I enjoy dressing in my creations and having great times with other like-minded individuals.  I've very much enjoyed the people and events that are part of my hobby.  But if you have read my posts or seen my photos you know that I tend to stay in the Victorian era with brief touches of the Edwardian era.  Until now.
Although the idea was lurking that I could move into another sewing era, it took so many things happening all at once to move me out of my comfort zone!  The Historical Sew Fortnightly and the eras it encompasses gave me that first push.  Then came the Sew for Victory 1940s Sew-A-Long and with it a discount on some sewing patterns.  The right fabric at exactly the right time (and the perfect price).  And these shoes!

I adored the colors on these shoes and won them at auction.  Thinking they would work for a 1910s suit, I learned they were more appropriate for late 1930s and 1940s and now the push was complete.  I was going to sew something with a 1940s impression!

A downloadable blouse pattern from Mrs. Depew on etsy and the Smooth Sailing Trousers pattern from Wearing History seemed perfect with these linen/cotton blend fabrics which I found on eBay.
A vintage 1940s applique apron pattern was also an eBay treasure.
My UFI - Un-Finished Idea - was about to come true!
I surfed YouTube and learned how to applique.  Three different fat quarter quilting cotton pieces became the applique pieces for the leaves, grapes, and top and ties of the apron. 


The apron edges are embellished with folded ribbon using the directions on the vintage transfer pattern.


And when everything is assembled, a pretty 1940s applique apron!
After all the hand work of the applique and ribbon folding, sewing the e-pattern wrap blouse and e-pattern trousers seemed so simple.

The UFI is now a Finished Idea and I look forward to more 1940s sewing projects! 

It's time to cook!

Historical Sew Fortnightly:

The Challenge:  UFOs & PHDs & UFIs
Fabric:  Cotton, linen/cotton blend
Patterns:  Mrs Depew 1940s Wrap Blouse, Wearing History Smooth Sailing Trousers, Vintage4me2 Vintage Apron Transfer Pattern
Year:  Early 1940s
Notions:  Purple satin ribbon, zipper, hooks and eyes, thread, brown satin ribbon
How historically accurate is it?  100% in patterns, fabrics, and techniques
Hours to complete:  24, most of which was the apron
First worn:  Today for photos and for a day at Costume College
Total cost:  Patterns $30, Fabric $46, Ribbon and Fat Quarters $15 = $91

Love always,



  1. This is fantastic!! I love the whole thing--wonderful apron, lovely blouse and trousers, and those shoes! Swoon.

    1. Thank you so much, Juliana! It's completely outside of the colors I usually wear and the shoes started it all! Very fun!